Are you using SEO techniques to strengthen your company’s online presence, but still not getting the desired result? Well, maybe this is because you are not using social media as part of your SEO strategy. A recent survey by Ascend2 reveals that SEO success is largely dependent on how you integrate social media into the SEO strategy. The survey also reveals that companies that are ignoring social media are failing to release the best benefits of SEO.

What Ascend2 found in its recent survey

The survey conducted by Ascend2 in June 2013 took opinion of 600 business and marketing professionals around the world about how they would rate their companies’ SEO success. Following are some major findings of the survey:

  • 38 percent of the respondents, who said that they are integrating social media extensively, also said that they are “very successful” with SEO. While only 2 percent said that they are struggling with SEO, despite using social media extensively.
  • 50 percent of the companies that are struggling with SEO are not integrating social media

How will it impact your Business

Social media offers a platform for your business with its billions of active users to review, comment and discuss your products and services. What these users say, share and give ratings are publicly accessible to the prospective buyers.  Here are some major benefits of using social media in SEO.

  • Social media can multiply your SEO impact
  • Social media drives offline sales
  • Social media is constantly evolving

Are you ready for this game changing plan?

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