Google webmaster help forum often initiate discussions on the topic of why a website’s ranking does not get improved, despite its manual penalty revoked by Google. There are instances where even after mistakes (such as, user generated spam, unnatural links) are cleaned, the ranking of the website did not improve. While website owners usually get excited after Google removes a manual penalty, it does not help much in improving the ranking of their website even after months and years.

An opinion poll was conducted in September, 2013 to find out whether a manual action removal really helps improving Google ranking. According to the survey conducted among 200 respondents, around 53 percent of the respondents said their rankings did not improve even after a year. Around 12 percent said that they saw an improvement in ranking within days, while 14 percent saw an improvement within 30 days, 8 percent within 3 months, 7 percent within 6 months, and 7 percent within a year.

The results of the survey indicate that manual removal of a penalty has a little impact on a website’s ranking. This is mainly because the links that were once counted may not remain equally effective after the removal of the manual penalty. One way to improve the ranking of the website is by putting efforts in building quality links all over again. In summary, if you have a manual penalty removed by Google, it is time to build new and credible back links.