Google Post has officially announced the launch of its carousel for local results. The announcement follows a report which mentioned that the Knowledge Graph Carousel of Google was showing up quite often and that too for a vast variety of results.

The announcement mentioned that when a person searches for local places like Chinese or Mexican restaurants, wedding venues, grocery stores, art galleries, bars, coffee shops or salons, they get to see the horizontal Carousel which displays images against a black background located at the top of their SERP. The horizontal display is expected to change the way the searchers behave. Instead of clicking on the top results, they are likely to click on any image that they like.

The carousel displays several images and the users can scroll than all of them by using a arrow placed on the right side. The users can also use the zoom option to select choices for a restricted area. Any image which appears suitable to the user can be clicked upon to see its further details like the address, some photos and even the review based score.
Although the results of the carousel are currently available in the US in English, Google intends to add more features and even languages in the near future.

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